Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Birthday To Rylie!!

Rylie's B-day was on March 22. She has been waiting a whole year for this special day! For her birthday, her dad took her on a little date to get ice cream and a toy of her choice at toys R Us. Out of the whole store she chose a My Little Pony named "Pinkie Pie". Oh how special. It was even on sale. Jared was blown away because of her choice....but wasn't complaining. After that we met them and he let her get her ears pierced. She was so excited. She has been asking him for ever and so he wanted to surprise her for her birthday. SO here are some of the pics we got.

This girl is one tough cookie.

Oh so serious. She let a little yelp out and Jared about passed out. But other than that it went great!!

Checking out the damage!
Grandpa Kunz giving Ry her Birthday Spankin's. The kids love this for some strange reason??? I don't recalling ever liking to get spankins for the fun of it?? Call me crazy. I just think they are crazy over their Gramps.
Here is Pinkie Pie!! Rylie had a little photo shoot with her. I think that I have about 20 pics of this same pose!!
Jace helping her on her new bike that I got too big. We had to take it back and get a smaller size. Woops
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY. We love you and are so glad that you are ours!! Lucky us!!

Baby Brai

Little Brai-Brai

Ry and Brai. My sweet girls

Our cute little bug!

Kenz in her "get-up" She is absolutely nuts. She is one fun kiddo.

Brailey looking scared for her life. She gets mauled most of the day and the other part, she looks like this!! J/K
What a nice baby we have been blessed with. Brailey is such a fun baby and is loved by all...a little too much by her sisters.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We've Grown!!

Two days before. (These are for Mich! You asked...Are you sorry now!)
Here She Is!! Brailey Neville joined us February 26, 2009 ~ around 7:36 a.m. She weighed 7lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches long. She was a couple weeks early thank goodness and is such a sweet little blessing to our family. We are sure happy to have her here.
The poor little thing looked blue most of the morning because she came so fast. She had a flat nose and blue cheeks. It's amazing how quickly they recover.
For not wanting another girl in the fam.....He looks pretty Happy I would say! He loves his girls, that's for sure, And they love him!

First Family Foto!!
The girls had colds and so in order for them to get to be around the Brailey was to wear masks. They are such little girls. They love doing her hair....poor girl!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holy HOLE in the mouth!

So Jace lost his 1st front top tooth. He was so excited. He came into me with it dangling and I thought it already had fallen out because of the massive gap. So here is our photo shoot with his newly lost tooth.
SO, cheers to our Jack-o-lantern!!

Right before pulling it out! (NASTY)

Wallah, It's gone.....see ya later baby tooth. Welcome big gnarly one!!

Ma & Jace

Just chillin' out after the drama!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visit with Great Grandma & Grandpa Neville

A couple Sundays ago we went to visit Jared's Grandpa & Grandma Neville. We haven't been very good at visiting them as often as we should (shame on us) and so we thought we better go visit. They are so special and great. Grandma is amazing and Grandpa is amazing also. It is so hard to see age take them over and see them not doing as well as they once did. I guess you could say that we take them for granted and we need to do better! We couldn't surround ourselves with better examples than them.

Grandma Neville & Kenz. There probably isn't a more beautiful and kind woman that I can think of than her. She is a gem!

Eating ice cream with Grandma & Grandpa.

I hope that when Jar and I get old that we will take after these two. They are so great. We sure love them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st day of 1st Grade!

Today was Jace's first day of first grade! He has been so excited. He loves school and so he was rippin' and rarrin' to go. He had a good hearty breakfast (no fuit included...weird kid) and so when Jared came in and saw that I made breakfast for him he was a little jealous and so I told him that I would make $$ signs for him tomorrow! It has been a great day. He let us take him to school this morning and then he found out that he is going to have a pet snake in their classroom...YUCK! I probably won't be making many visits to the room... Anyway, he was so excited to come home and we were more. I only got a little teary eyed once or twice, but I pulled it together. He is my little buddy and man I can't believe he is going to school ALL Day.

Yes, it is too much to ask for a normal picture from these two. Ya gotta love them.
Our BIG First Grader!
Kenz trying, and pretty much succeeding at being the "class clown"
Jace's class room!
Come to the MaMa!! He's home!


Where has time gone??? I guess 'Time flies when you have a great kid like Kenz! She is so funny and keeps us laughing (most the time). She is such a blessing to our family and are so grateful she chose us to live with.She is my little buddy and I can always count on her coming up to me out of the blue or as she or I walk past each other and her and her saying, "Lu, Lou Mom". Kenz.....You "Wock"!

Her candles kept melting because the muffin was still a little too hot. So to say the least she had some wax with her muffin! woops!